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Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair Diamond

In-store Expert Repairs and Restoration

Expert repairs and restoration are all done in our store shop.

We have the latest technologies to give our guests the very finest in expert jewelry repair.

We have a laser welder in our shop, allowing for the most delicate of repairs.

We provide expert stone setting, fabrication, and all aspects of jewelry repair. We guarantee our work and your satisfaction.

We date our repairs to be completed in 7 – 10 days. They are often done sooner and in some cases we may complete a repair such as a ring sizing or soldering a break while you wait.

Microscopic Precision and Imaging For Diamonds

To help our guests see a completed repair that they otherwise could not see, we use a microscope camera and send the images to a large computer monitor. We capture the image for your records and satisfaction.

We also use our very high-powered microscope that enables us to focus in on any identifying characteristic inside your diamond, no matter how small, and capture a picture of it, thereby assuring our customer that they are getting their same diamond back after repairs are made on their ring.

This is also great for accurate appraisals. This tool allows a customer to see inside their diamond in great detail.

(Note the "tadpole shape" in the diamond in the photo to the left, that would not otherwise be visible to the naked eye.