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Diamond Buying Information

Are you familiar with the numerous complex factors that can greatly affect the beauty and value of diamonds, precious gemstones, and the many different metals used to produce fine jewelry? At Erica’s Fine Jewelry, one of our primary goals is to be absolutely certain that you understand those subjects clearly and concisely, and to make your educational process fun, exciting, and meaningful at the same time. You might ask, “Why is that so important?” or “Why is that of value to me?” Simply stated, the more you know, the better off you will be. You will make better choices and buying decisions, get the best values, and enjoy and appreciate your fine jewelry to a much greater degree. Also, you will prevent potential service-related headaches in the future and the feelings of regret & remorse which result from realizing that you could have made a better choice if you had just spent a bit more time learning about the different options available to you.

For over a decade, Erica’s Fine Jewelry has diligently sought to set quality standards which have provided our clients the finest jewelry and gemstone values available. Only those diamonds, precious gemstones, precious metals, and jewelry manufacturing techniques which meet our standards, are accepted into our collections

Erica's Fine Jewelry Diamond Q & A

Diamonds and the 4 C's

Many factors affect both the beauty and value of diamonds. Generally, those factors fall into one of four categories commonly referred to as “The 4 Cs”. Those categories are: “Cut”, “Color Grade”, “Clarity Grade”, and “Carat Weight”. Each category is important in its own way, but you might be surprised at how they may, or may not, affect what you actually see or perceive when viewing a diamond. They will certainly have an effect upon the price or value of the diamond. Understanding the relative effect and importance of each category is vitally important to you and your decision making process.

Diamond Cut

Diamond Clarity Grade

Diamond Color Grade

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamond Enchancements and Treatments

Why Buy At Erica's?

  • Competitive with Bluenile pricing. Sometimes even less.
  • Your diamonds “fingerprint.” More info than a GIA cert.
  • Free Statement of Replacement Cost. (appraisal)
  • Free insurance for one year.
  • Free warranty.
  • Our Thank You is a Free Trip to Las Vegas for 2. Or $100 off your purchase.
  • We can show you how a diamonds works with advanced technology and knowledge.
  • The process is fun and there is no pressure.
  • Nobody beats our prices, added value, and service!

Buying Diamonds Online

At Erica’s Fine Jewelry, you will find a broad assortment of diamonds and grades to choose from…based upon what you feel is best for you. We believe that you should make your decisions based upon your own tastes (tempered with knowledge) and your own “comfort zone”. Forming that comfort zone is part of “the process” rather than a singular, impulsive event, and we believe that it should be an enjoyable experience which you will look back upon with fond memories and the diamonds and fine jewelry items that you choose will become treasured family heirlooms enjoyed for generations.

We have chosen to deal with our customers with respect and professionalism. We choose to price our products extremely competitively to begin with; no game playing! And then we choose to provide superior services and added values with every purchase.

We want you to buy with the confidence that you have made an excellent, educated, informed, choice and that you were treated as an important member of our extended family.

We invite you to visit our store and enjoy a wonderful experience while learning about diamonds, precious gemstones, and fine jewelry in general. We are convinced that you will find it to be a thoroughly enjoyable time and you’ll come away from it feeling enlightened and much wiser for the time you have invested.