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EFJ Diamond Information Q & A

Ideal Diamond Cut

Describe how you present diamonds.

We choose a 3-4 diamonds to compare. All these are “cherry picked” specifically according to our client’s wants. Then we scan the diamond with an OGI Megafire diamond scanner. This measures all the diamonds facet angles and areas. Then its software gives an estimated light return based upon these measurements. Next, we use the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET); developed by the scientists at the America Gem Society and the University of Arizona, and see exactly how much light is coming out from the diamond. This is the most advanced light performance grading tool in the industry today. It is exclusive to AGS member firms and measures in both live and 3-D.

As a retailer, how did you get focused on the cut of the diamonds?

It was the hardest of the 4 C’s to understand, and my curiosity got the better of me. I needed to understand why a diamond graded Excellent by GIA – was not an AGS Ideal for example. I wanted to know why all the different labs graded “cut” differently. What exactly differentiates all the cut grades, the labs, Ideal vs. extra faceted diamonds, etc? It took years, and I’ve learned from the world’s foremost authorities… cutters, lab directors, software designers, optical engineers, and from formal education at GIA, as well as a huge investment in the same technological equipment that diamond grading labs use.

What cut do you favor?

The round brilliant that is cut to AGS IDEAL and displays a 100% Hearts and Arrows pattern, and the EIGHTERNITY round brilliant. They are undoubtedly the most brilliant. Both are as near perfect as a diamond can be. The EIGHTERNITY has 16 extra facets on the pavilion (bottom) and 8 on the crown (top). It is the brightest and most beautiful of all the proprietary-cut, branded diamonds and the science behind it backs that up.

Where do you get these diamonds from?

The EIGHTERNITY diamond we get right from the company. These are cut in India and are just incredibly bright and scintillating. For the AGS Ideals (they are very rare also) There is only one cutter we’ve found that can cut to IDEAL 100% H & A every time. We have our own diamonds re-cut by him. He was actually given an award as the world’s best cutter some time ago and his skills certainly haven’t diminished. He is the most amazing diamontaire, and passionate about his profession.

What is the most important analysis?

It’s the human eye. There is nothing else that sees and measures beauty like our God given eyes. The science gets us in the ball-park. The eye determines what is most beautiful. Once a diamond is selected, we take all of the scans and images and create our own certificate and print this, as well as email the file to our customer. This is great for appraisals and important information for insurance companies. Our customer has a permanent “fingerprint” of their diamond from then on.

How do couples respond to all this technology?

I’d say about 95% find it as fascinating as I do and appreciate it. But it’s not for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all – the eye is the final judge.

What do you think about buying diamonds online?

I’ll be the first to admit I do love the convenience of online shopping for certain product categories. But, when it comes to buying diamonds - that’s a different situation. A diamond purchase is simply not one you should make sight unseen. Even professionals in the industry, when doing business with trusted associates and colleagues do not purchase anything they haven’t seen with their own eyes.

More About Online Diamond Buying

Is there anything else diamond buyers should know about shopping at Erica’s?

I would advise people to shop around and not succumb to hi-pressure tactics. Here we will color grade their diamond in front of them, and point out a diamonds inclusions using our Leica Tri-nocular camera microscope and project the image on a 50” flat screen. We expose 100% of a diamonds “secrets” to our guests. It’s fun, and we add value by insuring the item for one full year, our warrnaty against any defect, plus as a thank you, we give a free Las Vegas trip to anyone spending over $3,000 or $100 off. Whichever they choose. Plus our prices are competitive with I am not aware of any store anywhere that can or does do all this. We love it!